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Q: What is approximately time? You guys used to have precise despawn time for pokémon, no?
A: We're reporting pokémon based on a new system which currently does not support precise despawn time. We don't want to send you on a goose chase, so all timer is set to start at 20 minutes. Even with this, there could be a chance that the pokémon won't be there.

Q: What's "Weather boost"?
A: Some pokémon get their level boosted (+5 level) when the weather is right for them. At the time of finding them, we recorded the weather and display together with their stats. If the weather changes later, their stats and level might change.

Note: while the level always increases by 5, IVs do not always increase. Weather might decrease/increase a pokémon's stat randomly.
Q: What's with your dumb icons? I want to see pokémon. HELP.
A: Some dudes in suit asked us to remove pokémon icons from our website, it's a really bad idea to keep using them (translation: we don't want to get sued).
Q: I spin the PokéStop but I didn't get the quest indicated. Can I speak to the manager?
A: Because of shenanigans, you MUST keep an AR quest in your quest stack to get the quests indicated on map. Do not worry about it taking up your quest space, you can still get 3 normal quests like you were. If you have an existing AR quest and the map is still not correct, ping us on Discord.
Q: Can I have notification for rare Pokémon please?
A: You can get notifications from our Discord channels.
Q: I love you guys, what can I do to help?
A: You could donate to keep the map up and running.
Q: Why do some pokémon have IV/moveset/CP and some don't?
A: We don't have the capacity to show all IV on map. We focus on meta-relevant and rare mons to optimize for most trainers.
Q: IV/Moveset/CP are not correct for me, what gives?
A: IV/Moveset/CP are only accurate for trainers with level 30+. Level up you filthy casual.
Q: How to read the IV values for each pokémon?
A: Attack | Defence | Stamina.
Q: Why are some Pokémon on sighting list not showing up?
A: This map only shows non-lured Pokémon. Sighting shows non-lured AND lured ones. Mystery solved.
Q: I saw a pokémon on map and when I got there it was something else? WTF?
A: This happens when Niantic tweaks the spawn rate of a pokémon. When they do that, a pokémon changes to something else but keep the same IV stats. Unfortunately nothing we can do regarding this, it's on Niantic's side. Good thing is they don't do this very often.
Q: Can you show shiny on map?
A: Shiny is unique per player, which means a pokémon might be shiny for you but not for other players. So, no.
Q: What is "Filter On/Off"?
A: When you zoom in close enough, we give you an option to disable filter and show all Pokémon. This is especially useful when you're desperate and just want to catch any pokémon nearby. To toggle Filter on and off, simply tap on it.
Q: I messed up and selected too many Pokémon, now my map lags too much. Help?
A: Click HERE ---- HERE to reset your filter.
Q: Why is nothing showed on the website?
A: Servers need to eat, shower and sleep too #ServerNotASlave.
Q: What is the problem with private browsing on Safari? Are you trying to stealing my info?
A: We need some features that aren't enabled in private browsing on Safari. And no, we don't care enough to steal your data. Your nudes are safe.
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